Sanderlin teachers, you simply rock!

We are so unbelievably proud of our Sanderlin teachers. You mold young minds every day and turn them into thinkers and doers and people that will make the world a better place! Sounds like a superpower to us.

The PTSA and our members are here to to support you as much as possible throughout the school year.

We aim to have an open communication with our teachers and want to hear what you need! Please fill out this form to request help through the year or if if you have ideas on what you would like to see improved around our school. We are here to help!


Visit the school website for an awesome teacher and staff directory that helps put a face to a name, and an email when you need it!


So many of our teachers need additional items to help their classrooms run smoothly and to offer the best education to our children.

See below for a listing of teachers’ Amazon wish lists to help them throughout the school year.

K – Mrs. Browning

1 – Ms. Bennett

1 – Ms. Garrison

1 – Ms. Reeves

2 – Ms. Claxton

3 – Ms. Davis

3 – Ms. Dahl

4 – Ms. Sweeney

5 – Truax

5 – Ms. White

MYP – Ms. Putney

MYP – Ms. Mills

PYP Gifted – Ms. Kirkpatrick

Art – Ms. Reilly

Teachers: Is your list missing? Turn in your links here and we will update the website as soon as possible!


See this handy-dandy spreadsheet for all your teacher’s favorite items! Great for holidays, birthdays, appreciation weeks, and just because! Don’t forget administration staff as well!

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