DEI Virtual Talk Series: Monday 10/25

Each virtual talk will highlight a short, thought-provoking video. Participants will watch the assigned video (typically a 15-minute TedTalk) prior to our Monday night conversation. Then we will meet for a 1-hour open, community conversation to discuss.

To participate, review the ground rules, and complete the registration form below. Once registered, an email with meeting details will be emailed to you.

Watch the Video

Asian Misrepresentation in Media | Peter Westacott | TEDxIthacaCollege | Watch the Video

Speaking from a psychological perspective, Peter Westacott discusses the consequences of whitewashing and stereotypes and implores for more dynamic, empowering, versatile roles for Asians in media.

Join the Discussion (virtually)

Monday, 10/25/21 6-7pm
Registration required

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